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Aiki's Valuue-Added Services
Aiki has the ability to strategize, plan execute and settle all transactions - maintaing comprehensive event visibility and performance analysis. As a one-stop-shop logistics partner, Aiki offers a wide plethora of service. They include:

Clearing Service
Aiki can clear all goods - imports or exports with minimum cost, maximum reliability and negligible risk.

Import Cargo
Fabrics, cotton, hardboard, computers, electronics, medical equipment, perishable goods, garlic, chemicals, pulses, glasses, home appliances, electronic components, printers, monitors, photocopiers, textile machinery, waste paper, toys and import project cargo.

Export Cargo
Perishable commodities, yarn, compact disc, cassettes, tapes, medicines, leather, engineering items, over dimensional machinery, garments and granite.
Aiki makes sure that the movement of these goods is hassle-free and conforms to quality standards and delivery schedules enabling the Importers and Exporters to achieve optimal cost reduction in material management.
Aiki has also cleared all Consignment under different schemes like Advance License/D.E.P.B/E.P.C.G./Project Imports.
The company also specializers in warehousing, grouping, consolidation, air/sea freight and is equipped to tackle Bonded Warehouse requisitions for stuffing/destuffing of cargo.

Air/Sea/Freight Forwarding
Aiki has strategic tie-ups with leading shipping companies and airlines to ensure fast and hassle-free movement of goods. Aiki can also organize to move cargo from any part of the world at reasonable cost.

Custom Bonded Warehouses
Aiki has strategic agreements to offer the customers bonded warehouses to defer immediate payment of duty. Aiki gives a definite competitive advantage through these service, thus saving huge overheads and reduction in inventory. Aiki also offers warehouse facilities on basis.

Packaging Services
Aiki is a capable contract packager and can handle any packing demand - cost-effective packing to specific packing requirements. Aiki has strategic alliances with packing material suppliers. Aiki also patronizes eco-friendly packing materials. All materials are subject to extreme tests before they are recommended to the customer.

Supply Chain Consulting
Re-engineering the supply chain is probably the best way to cut costs. As a logistics and supply chain consultant, Aiki works with you in tandem coordinating both the information network available and the technology to manage your goods, your inventory and orders and ensure safe delivery of goods.

Fleet Management
Aiki can also take over all your transportation needs to provide suitable solutions and reduce your operating overheads. Aiki has dedicated transport operating overheads. Aiki has dedicated transport operators to render the best possible service.

Move in with Aiki Logistics 
From start to finish, Aiki can handle all your transportation, logistics service to reduce your costs without compromising on your business objectives. With Aiki you can be sure that your goods are in safe hands.

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